Release Notes

Version 3.0.2

Features and Improvements

  • Improves kernel launching latency
  • Supports Math.Asin, Math.Acos, Math.Atan in kernel
  • Supports specifiying license repository path via environment variable ALEA_LICENSE_REPOSITORY_PATH
  • Texture reference in F# Gpu Module usage, only 1D, no filter, no interpolation yet

Version 3.0.1

Features and Improvements

  • Parallel-for and parallel aggregate for C#
  • Automatic memory management for C#
  • Support delegates in C# GPU kernels
  • Support .NET arrays in C# and F# GPU kernels
  • New design to write GPU code in F#
  • Simplified C# GPU API
  • Adding support for cuDNN 5
  • Improved function and method naming to be .NET conforming
  • New licensing system so that community edition does not need a license key
  • Support Ubuntu and MacOS

Bug Fixes

  • Support Pascal compute architecture sm6.x
  • Support TITAN X (Pascal)